When you use a freight transportation you know that the price of the transportation is determined based on the weight. There is a misconception that the weight and destination are the only two factors, so when you try to estimate the calculated shipping price, you may find that you are some major gaps between your calculations and theirs. Before you begin recalculating, consider the following points that can effect the overall freight transportation rate.


You may not think that the density of your shipment would count toward the shipping price, but to most freight companies it does. This is actually a consideration for the bill of lading and how the goods are described. This can be an issue when the shipment is entering and exiting different ports and the description is vital to different tax or tariff laws.


Just like with general postal service options, the classification of your freight shipment can make the price vary on the overall shipping costs. For example, if you classify it as a lower class, or general shipment, then you will pay a lower rate. If you classify it as a higher class, requiring higher insurance and fragile transportation guidelines, then the price will go up. If you need to stick to a budget, consider the various classifications your shipment can fall under and choose the one that best suits all your needs.

Discounts and Surcharges

One thing that may be overlooked in your estimated calculations are discounts and surcharges. You may be using an outdated discount or surcharge chart that is no longer available. Before you count on a particular discounted amount, or assume that surcharges are still the same from your last shipment, contact your freight services company. They can provide you with an updated chart and confirm any discounts that may apply to your account.

Freight All Kinds

In some cases, especially when you do multiple shipments on a routine basis, you may have an arrangement call freight all kinds. This is something that allows you a base rate price, discount, or some other negotiated fee for your shipments. This may apply to all of your shipments or to just your routine approved shipments that have been pre-approved based on the freight services guidelines. If this is the case, you will need to ensure that this rate applies to the freight you are estimating the cost for or if a different rate will apply.

These are just four of the things that can effect the way your freight services fee is calculated. If you have questions about the difference between your estimate and the final calculation, consult a freight service like Jayde Transport for more information.