A lot of planning goes into making a wedding a special event. But wedding transportation is one of the most neglected aspects of weeding planning, and as a result, sometimes arrivals get delayed. Nothing displays poor wedding planning like the groom, bride, groomsmen and bridesmaids arriving late to the wedding.

Overlooking professional wedding transport companies

Quite often, couples make the mistake of skipping professional wedding transport companies. In most cases, couples prefer to rely on transport provided by friends and family members.

The problem with this option is that sometimes something unavoidable happens to the expected driver. For instance, if they are too hangover from the bachelor and bachelorette parties or their vehicles breakdown, it is almost impossible to get an alternative transport in time. Hence, it is advisable to hire a professional wedding transport company that can provide alternative transport in good time should anything unexpected happen.

Not reading through a transport company's contract

When you hire a limo company to provide wedding transport, make sure you read through the contract before signing on the dotted line. Probably due to the excitement of hiring a limo for their wedding day, many couples often sign the contract without fully comprehending what it entails.

For instance, limos get hired by the hour; hence, if the contract stipulates the limo will get hired for a specified number of hours and the hours get depleted before the wedding concludes, the couple and their wedding party may get stranded without transport.

Choosing low clearance vehicles for garden weddings

Traditionally, weddings were held in churches or halls located in urban dwellings; however, nowadays couples are opting to host garden weddings in remote areas such as lake fronts. Unfortunately, sometimes they choose a low riding limo that cannot manage to travel comfortably on off-road terrains such as rocky roads that lead to lakes. As a result, the arrival to the wedding site gets delayed due to the vehicle being unable to tackle the bumpy roads or the vehicle gets stuck in the mud.

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to choose four wheel drive SUVs for the purpose. However, if you don't want to compromise on the limo, there are SUV stretch limos that have four-wheel drive capabilities for tackling off-road destinations.

Disregarding traffic congestion

The timing for wedding transport can make the difference between a seamless wedding flow and a total disaster. Many couples often forget that traffic congestion is a determining factor for a timely arrival to the wedding.

As a result, it is vital to acknowledge the traffic condition of your area at different times of the day. So when planning wedding transportation times, it is advisable to pick the routes with the least traffic congestion as well as choose travel times when traffic is at a minimum to avoid getting caught up in traffic for hours while your guests are left debating if you decided to elope.