If you are looking for an excuse to get a little wild and crazy there is no better time than a buck's party. It´s a great time to have some fun with the boys before your wedding, too. Here are some tips to help plan a great day and night. 

Plan a schedule for the day and night

It can be a great idea to have some activities planned beyond simply get drunk. This can be a fun day to have a team activity during the day such as doing some paintball, playing golf or going to the shooting range. These activities limit how much people can drink during the day which is a good way to make sure that the less exuberant drinkers in the group don't get too tanked up early and miss the evening festivities. It is also a great idea to book some space at bars during the night, especially if you are heading to some popular bars on a busy night. 

Hire some transport

If you are travelling with a large group and don´t want to be trying to organise caravans of taxis all night it can be a great idea to organise a buck's party bus hire. They can take you between bars in one group and have a fun atmosphere including music and a dance floor so the party doesn't´t need to stop between venues. They are also used to a festive atmosphere so you don´t need to be worried about being quiet or damping the mood between places. 

Plan a place to crash

If you don´t have a mate with a big home with lots of spare beds it can be a great idea to hire a hotel for the night. Not only does that make it easier to stumble in during the wee hours of the morning when you decide it's time to crash but it also means that you can a nice relaxed breakfast or brunch together the next day to go through all of the fun you had and swap stories and photos. It's also a good time to have a final catch up before the wedding and refresh on any actions that you all still have to get completed before the big day. 

Don´t leave it until the last minute to plan a buck´s day. A great buck´s night requires some preparation and planning of the schedule, transportation and accommodation so that on the night you can focus on the party.