Around 28% of those killed in a car accident in Victoria in 2008 died as a result of drink driving. When you're heading on a night out, there are several ways drink driving could cause harm:

  • You may feel the confidence to drive after a couple of drinks
  • When you try to drive the next day, your BAC may remain too high to drive safely
  • Until your BAC lowers, you may suffer from poor concentration and speed control

When you use a personal driver service, you don't have to worry about how much you drink. While it's tempting to drive to your venue and pick your vehicle up after using a taxi service, you may find your BAC is too high to retain accurate control of your vehicle. Using personal driver hire allows you to get from A to B safely, without putting yourself at risk the next day too.

You're using a driver with a background check

With an increase in the number of unlicensed taxi drivers hitting the road, it's difficult to know who's driving you around. When using an unlicensed service, you can't remain sure whether the person driving you is a reliable driver, whether they'll overcharge, or whether they have a criminal background.

In contrast, companies providing personal drivers ensure they benefit from the following:

  • License checks
  • Background checks that detect criminal activity
  • Training that ensures they're a safe driver

As such, you know you're stepping into a safe environment. This means you can relax with the confidence that you'll enjoy a professional and reliable service.

GPS helps others know where you are

GPS isn't just useful for finding out where you need to go. When your friends and family want to know if you're safe, it helps them see that you're reaching your destination as you should. Most driver services allow you to track where your driver is as they approach, as well as when you're on the move.

GPS is also useful for the company, as it makes the driver's driving habits clear. As such, you'll remain confident that your driver is adhering to safe habits that allow them to remain in employment, which makes you safe too.

Whether it's an exciting night out or you're going to the airport, using a personal driver hire service provides peace of mind. As you prepare to take your foot off the pedal for a change, you can look forward to a relaxing ride.